Fiction Books

Fiction is the term that covers all stories, novels and graphic novels that are drawn mainly from the author’s imagination.  Although they may describe real events and people, they are essentially the author’s made-up story, rather than a work of history or biography.  These books can still give good insight into people, places, culture and historical periods, but should not be used as a basis for research as the author may have deliberately changed or invented things.  The purpose of fiction is a great story!

The fiction books in our library are organised into two main sections:

Senior Fiction are books written for adult readers.  These can be – and are – understood and enjoyed by many teen readers.  If you are a fluent reader in S3 or above, challenge yourself by exploring this section.

Junior Fiction are books written for young adults, teens or children, though many of them – like the Lord of the Rings series – are enjoyed by adults as well.  Some of the authors of junior fiction are outstanding and these books are well worth discovering by young and old alike.

Within both sections, the books are organised in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.  For example, books by Charles Dickins will be in the Senior Fiction section under D.  If the author uses two surnames, they are always filed under the last of these, so Frank Cottrell Boyce is under B.  If there is more than one book by an author, these are organised alphabetically by title.

Quick Reads

We have a section of books that are just what it says on the tin – quick reads!  These are ideal if you don’t have much time, if you’re a slower reader, or just want to dip in and try something.

Graphic Novels

This is a growing and exciting genre with stories that cover everything from Superman to the Simpsons to Shakespeare.

How do I choose what to read?

If you’re stuck for ideas:

  • ask a friend or a member of library staff
  • look at the books on the librarian’s desk with reading suggestions based on other books you have enjoyed
  • check out what our Book Groups are reading
  • read the reviews on our own library site
  • read reviews on other book-lover sites like Goodreads

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