These rules exist to keep the library a happy and helpful place for everyone.  The School Code of Classroom Conduct also applies here.

1.  Keep Calm.  No need for silence (unless your teacher requests that) but do respect other people’s need to work and read in peace.  A productive quiet is good (unless your teacher asks for discussion, group work and productive noise, which is also good.)

2.  Keep Clean.  No food or drink anywhere near the computers.  At break and lunch you may eat if you sit at a table and tidy up after yourself.  Put litter in the correct bin and tuck your chair away – or put it on the table if it’s the last period.

3.  Keep Cool.  No swearing, fighting, rudeness, throwing stuff or slamming doors and furniture.  Obviously.  And on the subject of violence, no computer games that show people being attacked/shot/killed/beat up/blown up/exploited, etc.  All games and websites must be decent and not cause offence.

4.  Keep Considering Others.  The library works best when everyone can find the books and resources they need and the place looks good, so please use things with respect and put them back where they belong.  Just ask library staff if you are not sure.

5.  Keep Caring for Books.  We have a fantastic collection of books, here for everyone to enjoy.  Please look after them well and return them in good time.  Most importantly: read, read, read!


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